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The Witches of Crow Mount

As part of Galoshans Festival 2020, Beacon Youth Theatre have collaborated with Glasgow Acting Academy on adapting Steven Lauder-Russell’s script for film. The Witches of Crow Mount haunts the audience with the local legend.

Written and Directed by Steven Lauder-Russell

Performed by Glasgow Acting Academy


Beacon Youth Theatre and Glasgow Acting Academy invites you watch the film, be inspired and to complete the creative tasks below:


  1. THINK: In your head, create an image of one of the Crow Mount witches. What are their physical characteristics? What clothes are they wearing? How do they hold themselves? 


TASK: You have been tasked with designing the promotional poster for a new movie about the Crow Mount witches. Think about what the themes of the movie would be and how you can represent these using colours, shapes and the witch characters you have already built in your head. Design your promotional movie poster using any materials you have access to and share it with the group! 


  1. THINK: What do the witches sound like? Do they sound young or old? Do they speak loudly or in a whisper? Do they sound similar to anyone you know? 


TASK: Record yourself performing the witches’ speech. Think of the range of vocal tools you can use to convey the character and message of the speech: tone, intonation, register, volume, accent etc. Be creative and have fun with the words! 


“Casting spells in darkened gloom, we work by the light of a blood red moon. Intentions to heal and enlighten, the last thing we wish is to frighten!”


  1. THINK: Do you have a musical instrument in your home? Does it have a story behind it? Who plays/used to play it? What kind of sound/music does it make? 


TASK: Write a short ghost story about the instrument, just like the drum in the Crow Mount story. Use descriptive language to set the scene, build suspense and create a spooky atmosphere. Think of your five W’s- Who? What? Where? Why? When?


  1. THINK: Have you ever been to Crow Mount wood? What is it like? When did you go and what did you see? How did it make you feel? Did it feel haunted?


TASK: If you can, accompanied by an adult, take a trip to where the wood stood or a similar spooky wood nearby where you live. Take a photograph of your favourite thing you can see OR the thing(s) which look lost haunted to share with the group. 


Crow Mount wood was located on Dempster Street, Greenock, PA15 4ED where The Mount Kirk and Murdieston Park now stand.


  1. THINK: Which character in the story do you find most interesting? What are their likes/dislikes? Their personality traits? Physical attributes? What is their background? 


TASK: Fill out your downloadable character card template with as much detail as possible. Use as many movement and voice terms as possible to create a full and detailed overview of your character.


We would love to see the results of your creative tasks completed at home! Send photos and videos to kate@beaconartscentre.co.uk or upload to social media tagging us @thebeaconartsc and @theglasgowactingacademy.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Kate if you have any questions.

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