Proud 2 Care (P2C), a group for care experienced young people living in Inverclyde, are one of the local community groups with whom we have worked on an ongoing basis. Upon first engagement members of P2C identified that they wanted a backstage (and later a technical) tour of the Beacon and a special effects makeup workshop. P2C members participated in the Tales of the Oak Comic Book workshop facilitated by Magic Torch. Each week, in a series of workshops, the young people chose a story from local folklore, re-told it in their own words and created comic book versions of these stories. The project culminated in printed comic books and a performance in the Beacon Studio, which included projection of the comic books with narration and a post-show talk. This performance was also live streamed and is available to watch HERE.  Following these activities, two P2C members accessed Beacon bursaries and joined Beacon Youth Theatre after trying one of our free taster sessions. P2C were also one of our community VIPs who joined us at the Beacon’s pantomime guest night.   

‘I really enjoyed it and thought it was funny. Best night I’ve had in a long time and it was my friend’s first panto she said thank you so much she was so happy it was amazing!!!!’
P2C member    

‘Thanks for everything – it has been such a great wee success working together! The kids have got so much out of it!’
Aileen Wilson P2C

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