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Dynamic Drawing

from Friday 30 October 2020

by Marion Back, Sheena Beaton, David Bruce, Ian Campbell, Sarah Dolan, Ruby Flowers, Anne Goldrick, Hilary Nicoll, Huck Sanderson, Lisa Woolley.


This vibrant exhibition presents work by participants who attended a five-day workshop at the Beacon Arts Centre 19-23 October 2020.

The workshop explored a range of traditional and contemporary approaches to drawing with an emphasis on experimentation, activating a dynamic vocabulary of marks and images. The group came with different levels of experience and produced a diverse and exhilarating range of work which focuses on a breadth of interests and results. Every voice was valued and relevant in building a supportive community and a platform for making and discussion.

Workshop by Fraser Taylor

Image credit: Marion Back

Opening times:

  • Thursday - Saturday 10am-3pm

Harry Papadopoulos ‘The Edit: volume 2’

from Friday 28 August 2020

In a swift shutter's click, Papadopoulos captured an era when the sound of Scotland echoed out across Britain and the world. For bands such as Aztec Camera, Orange Juice and The Bluebells it was he who defined their striking image. As a staff photographer with Sounds magazine, Harry worked with many up and coming Scots band that emerged during the early 1980s and over a five year period, his photographs covered the wider post-punk waterfront.

In addition to the above Scottish acts, this selection also includes The Associates, Altered Images, Josef K, Strawberry Switchblade, The Pastels, The Dreamboys (featuring Peter Capaldi on vocals and Craig Ferguson on drums), and sons of Greenock, The Cuban Heels.

Pictured left: Aztec Camera

Opening times:

  • Thursday - Saturday 10am-3pm

Please read our visitor safety information ahead of your visit.

This work is from the collection ‘What Presence: the Rock Photography of Harry Papadopoulos’ held at Street Level Photoworks. Original exhibition co-curated with Ken McCluskey. A number of signed prints are available to purchase from Street Level Photoworks website.

Shining a light on art at the Beacon

At Beacon Arts Centre we host a constantly changing programme of inspiring and thought-provoking exhibitions in our light and airy upstairs gallery space. Guest Curator Fraser Taylor presents a year-round programme by local, national and international artists – some exclusive to the Beacon.

Fraser studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His internationally exhibited work includes large-scale sculptural installations, set design, print media, filmmaking and painting. From 2001 to 2017 he was a Visiting Artist and Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 2017 was awarded an Honorary Professorship from Glasgow School of Art.

During these unprecedented times and as I commence my role as Guest Curator at Beacon Arts Centre, I would like to share with you a few of the upcoming exhibitions. The dates will be announced as soon as we are able. I look forward to working with a wide range of artists and presenting a programme of exhibitions which will be both compelling and inspiring.

Fraser Taylor, Guest Curator

Habitual by Lois Green


Lois says: ‘My studio practice is focused on creating small-scale tonal paintings and drawings from found imagery, photographs and film stills of intimate spaces, often domestic settings. They are produced by continuously removing and applying (usually) oil or charcoal on a variety of prepared surfaces to describe subtleties and drama in light and tone, revealing emotional weight within an image.’


Flowers by Ruby Flowers


Ruby says: ‘I have been a Glasgow-based florist for 20 years. My appreciation of flowers and their transient pleasures started at an early age. Both my parents loved gardening. I watched them so content in the garden. Cutting flowers and bringing them into the home comes naturally to anyone who spends time in their garden. It’s a way of mapping the seasons and appreciating the beauty of the present. My drawings are a gesture to the beauty of flowers.’

Lewis Elegies by Mhairi Law and Calum Angus Mackay


Lewis Elegies is a series of photographs from two artists of different generations from the Isle of Lewis. Law’s The Darkest Dawn from 2018 commemorates the Iolaire disaster of 1919, while Mackay’s rediscovered work from 1990 references local history and folklore in intriguing still lifes.


Part of ‘Everything Flows’, Street Level Photoworks’ programme for VisitScotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020. 

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