Why we do what we do

We passionately believe that cultural experiences are crucial to the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Our vision is to be Scotland's most influential, accessible and entertaining arts venue and our mission is to make a lasting impact and 'light up lives' by giving as many people as possible the opportunity to engage with the arts in enjoyable and meaningful ways. We achieve this through our fantastically diverse programme, our youth theatre and our innovative outreach and engagement work, delivered here in the Beacon and out in the community.


Equality, diversity and inclusion lie at the heart of everything we do and these values guide us too. 


Pictured left: It's A Wonderful Life; A Radio Play on Stage performing at Inverkip Hub.

Growth | We're passionate believers in the transformative powers of cultural experiences. So we want to expand our reach, support new talent and grow our audiences. And we want the people who engage with us to grow too, whether that's finding different perspectives, and increased confidence, a new skill or simply a moment of pure joy. Everything we do should provide an opportunity for growth, seen or unseen.


Accessibility | We encourage people to find their own way to connect with the arts either at the Beacon or through our work in the community. That means we're empathetic to different needs and perspectives; our people are open, friendly, and welcoming and our building is relaxed and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. 


Enthusiasm | We love what we do and we want to share our enthusiasm and passion as widely as possible. This is reflected in the thought that goes into our programming and outreach activities; the way we promote shows; our collaborations with different partners; and always going the extra mile to encourage those who don't think 'the arts' are for them to give us a go. 


Resilience | We meet every challenge head on. By planning strategically and creatively, by developing partnerships that expand our reach and capacity, and by exploring intelligent and exciting ways to attract new audiences, we will not only secure our own future but also lead the way in influencing arts engagement. 


Responsiveness | We engage with lots of different people - those who come to see our shows and take part in activities as well as our board, our strategic and creative partners, and our own staff. We listen and we respond, taking on board advice, criticism and praise in equal measures, to ensure that we constantly fine tune our offering and grow our audiences. 

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