Dinosaur Adventure Live - Trouble On Volcano Island

Beacon Arts Centre Main Theatre
Post show Meet and Greet with Dinos
£17 Standard - £20 Danger Zone Front Rows'
No age limit but at parental/guardian discretion for little ones who might get scared easily!
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Sat 10 Aug: 2:00pm

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Sat 10 Aug: 4:30pm

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RED Entertainment is thrilled to announce Dinosaur Adventure Live is back touring across the UK in 2024. This Family Favourite show has 3 new Dinosaur additions and a brand new story making it even more ROARSOME!

This awe-inspiring, wild family adventure will captivate both the young and
young at heart. Dinosaur Adventure Live immerses audiences in an enchanting and
realistic world of Dinosaurs.

You will journey to a world of living, breathing, life-like Dinosaurs in this brand-new ROAR-some adventure and it will take you on an unforgettable interactive journey through the Jurassic era, introducing you to some of the most incredible species that ever walked the Earth.

Written by Mike Newman (Exciting Science), the story is set in an over-grown lab on dinosaur island. When the island's ancient volcano becomes active, it spells danger for everyone – including the Dinosaurs! Featuring 2 dinosaur-expert rangers and a wacky scientist, a roaring raptor, two adorable baby dinosaurs, an astounding apatosaurus, a spectacular spinosaurus, a p-terriffic pterodactyl & of course a terrifying T-Rex, the show has educational and comic elements throughout.

Experience the thrill of meeting real-life-like Dinosaurs and feel the thunderous roar of a T-Rex up close. Learn about their history and even feed them but be careful – you might end up on the menu!

Dinosaur Adventure Live, a show that has been 65 million years in the making... Are
you ready for the adventure?

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