Working in collaboration with Belville Community Garden Trust, Beacon Young Company have been exploring and recognising how climate change impacts on their lives and the the lives of people all over the world.


Now they present to you their personal of what the climate crisis means to them and how we can all make small changes for one greater and brighter future. 


Supported by:

Belville Community Garden Trust, Climate Challenge Fund and Scottish Tech Army 


With special thanks to Andi Stevens and Sally Clough


New Block Announced

7 Jan 2021

‘It has been a great joy of mine in what have otherwise been very turbulent times to be working with the Beacon Young Company to produce an original piece of Climate-focused online performance. When I began working with them in September of 2020, I was struck not only by how much they already knew about the changing climate and the reasons for it, but also how immediately they assumed the role of activists in the fight against ecological collapse. As the months have progressed, it has been thrilling to witness how through our work with Belville Community Gardens, their voices have become more unique and more precise now that they are equipped with the language to talk about their responses to climate crisis, and in turn, how this has enhanced the development of their ability to creatively articulate their feelings through their writing and performance. I am very excited to see where they go from here, and firmly feel that working with Belville Community Gardens has granted them access to the knowledge, critical thinking, and language necessary to tackle the changing climate, as of course they will come to play an integral part in doing. The Beacon Young Company is a huge source of hope in an uncertain time, and they are a credit to their generation.’ - Harri Pitches, Assistant Director

"Zoom. We have spent the last month or so trying to figure it out with all of its capabilities, quirks and downfalls.  Apart from figuring out how to work our laptops properly, we spent time looking into the science, activists and the long lasting effects surrounding and to do with climate change. This is really encouraging us to do this project justice, and bring the pressing issue of climate change to the front of people's minds." - Amelie

Script writing

"Ugh, none of it’s real. It’s just a story. Like the jungle book. There’s no such thing as a jungle!"

BYC have been working on developing the script this week with some of our young people taking on a writing role.

Stay tuned for more snippets!

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