We want to ensure that we work in as sustainable a manner as possible. We continue the recording and monitoring of our carbon emissions as part of our Carbon Management Plan. Our long-term goal is to bring a ‘green’ mindset to all we do both operationally and creatively. 

We have also committed to monitoring and reducing kitchen waste and favouring environmentally conscious suppliers for our catering operation. We have completely removed single use plastics from our consumable purchases, swapping them for compostable alternatives. 

We have increased our digital distribution of marketing material including our season brochures and developed and introduced better email capture methods. We recently introduced an e-ticket solution through our new ticketing software. Our brochures are now printed using vegetable inks on FSC approved paper- all carbon emissions generated through printing will be offset by planting broadleaved trees in a local community woodland resulting in the print becoming completely carbon balanced. We have formed a partnership with a local business, Clyde Life, which distributes print throughout Inverclyde – this is enabling a reduction in associated travel and carbon emissions. 

The Beacon Green Team has been established and tasked with reducing our carbon footprint. We joined this Green Arts Initiative in June 2015 and take advice and recommendations from Creative Carbon Scotland by attending their webinar sessions, held every few months. The creative carbon reporting scheme is helping us to move forward in realising our green ambitions.


2018 priority project: Reduction in electrical consumption; installation of LED lighting. 

Energy efficient LED lamps have now been installed in our lower concourse lighting, upper concourse lighting and lower theatre downlights. Our estimates show this will reduce energy consumption in this area from 111,360 kilowatts to 14,166 kilowatts per annum. 

2019 priority project: Waste and recycling reduction; single use plastic consumables. 

Compostable paper cups and plastic glasses are now in use and we also switched to paper straws. Our brochure carrier packaging switched from polythene to a compostable potato-starch alternative.

Beanstalk Project | 2019

Beacon Arts Centre won Creative Carbon Scotland's competition for Green Arts Initiative members.

The winning idea was pitched to align our green practices with programmed activities and the competition presented the perfect opportunity to apply for 'seed funding' to link our pantomime, Jack & the Beanstalk.

The prize money was used to buy bean seeds to supply to local schools to encourage participation in a green class project. After the seedlings grew into 'mini beanstalks' we hosted a green arts workshop and showcase at Belville Community Garden for the local schools and groups involved.

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