Beacon Youth Theatre: Flames (11-14 years)

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Sun 31 Oct: 1:15pm

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Sunday 31 October - Sunday 12 December

Beacon Youth Theatre invites young people to use their imagination, share ideas, tell real life stories and collaborate to make them come alive on stage.

We provide a positive and supportive environment allowing children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 to develop not only their skills in theatre and performance, but also in communication, confidence and working as a team. We encourage participants to use their voices to effect change in the world through the art of theatre and performance. The workshops have a laid-back atmosphere where young people have the freedom to be themselves, be creative and make new friends, all of which provide experiences that can last a lifetime.

Beacon Youth Theatre Glowbugs, Little Sparks, Flames and Beacons groups take place on Sundays during term time.

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