16 Years: Gigs in Scotland 1974-1990

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Fri 30 Jul: 6:00pm

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Join us for a special event with Chris Brickley, author of 16 YEARS: Gigs in Scotland 1974-1990. Featuring over 2000 images, this photobook captures vital moments of the live music experience in Scotland and spans 32 towns, 120 venues and 500 bands. As well as spotlighting Scotland's major cities, the book also covers towns and villages rarely - if ever - mentioned in music history, including a significant Inverclyde chapter. Taking in post/punk, indie, rock, pop and reggae, from household names to forgotten acts, this extensive collection of hidden gems provides a remarkable account of the era.

Image: Soup Dragons, Subterraneans Greenock, Oct 1986 by Jim Barr.

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