Beacon Arts Centre Build | 2013

A timelapse of the 20 month build of Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock, captured by Interval Films.

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Clydeside Sessions | 2014

Acoustic singer/songwriter David Laing performs at Clydeside Session at Beacon Arts Centre.

Video produced by Pan Breed Productions 

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Shetland at the Beacon

The BBC filmed scenes for the first series of the tv drama Shetland at the Beacon back in 2015.

Beyond the Green Oak | 2016

Hector McMonagle pitches you Beyond the Green Oak with a shrimpy musical sidekick - musical walking tours which ran back in 2016, showing a very different side to Greenock!

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The LaFontaines - Switch Out The Lights Music Video

*WARNING contains strong language and violent scenes that some people may find disturbing.

Directed by Stuart Alexander the video for 'Switch Out The Lights' from their latest album 'Junior' was filmed at the Beacon in 2019.

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The Waverly at Custom House Quay

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