3 Down 1 Across

Beacon audiences have access to the new podcast series 'Three Down, One Across’ from our favourite Still Game trio!

Episode one is an insight into all things lockdown from Jane, Mark and Paul’s experiences so far as they stay at hame. Joined by Director David Goodall, the friends swap stories of the good, the bad and the hilarious, offering some much needed humour and anecdotes for audiences to enjoy during these difficult times.

Still Gaun! performances have been rescheduled to Friday 12th & Saturday 13th March 2021 at Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock.


Follow @3down1across on Twitter for updates and new content!

Virtual Daytime Disco

Join Beacon Arts Centre and Weekday Wow Factor daily for our FREE Virtual Disco and Theatre Quiz!

A great way to meet new people, keep active and stay connected.

Whats app video classes start at 3:30pm

Skype classes start at 5pm

You can now also message Weekday Wow Factor directly through Facebook messenger to join the Skype group.

Beacon Play Reading Group

Every Wednesday at 4pm

A group for people who want to participate in some play reading! Whether you want to read with us or simply tune in to listen all are welcome!

Every Wednesday at 4pm we'll get together online for an hour and a half to read a play - or one Act of a longer play - via Skype.

Members can then feel free to use this page to share in discussions and thoughts about what we've been reading. A new set of readers will be selected each week, even if we spend longer than one week on the same play. This is to give everyone a fair opportunity to read. Members are asked to observe the groups' rules.

This is a space for creativity, community and fun!

Dance for Parkinson's

Scottish Ballet are running Digital Health Classes during the closure of venues and spaces to bring you a host of classes to help you keep fit, keep smiling and look forward to each week.

Dance for Parkinson's classes will now be streamed on Facebook Live every Monday from 11:30am.

Follow Scottish Ballet on Facebook to join the live session from the comfort of your own home.


Toasted Fiction Podcast

An audio series of short plays and stories recorded at Beacon Arts Centre a few years ago. Created by writer/director Christopher Patrick, the episodes feature works from writers throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The episodes were all recorded in front of a live audience and read by professional actors. 

Contemporary Dance Playlist

Our wonderful contemporary dance teacher, Jane Simpson, has created a playlist with stretches, warm ups, routines, music and solo taks, great resource for you to do at home.

The playlist includes a shorter warm up into a final sequence, and a longer floor work section.

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