Letters from Lockdown

Letters from Lockdown in partnership with the Watt Institution’s Lockdown Life – A Moment in Time.

This is an open call to the people of Inverclyde to write a letter to share with the world during the current pandemic. From one line of a quote helping you through, to a poem you have written, to a multi-page letter to a loved one or the local community -your submission can be any format you like. It could be a video of you speaking to camera, a photograph of a handwritten letter or a typed-up document.

Please submit your letter and the attached permission slip by email to kate@beaconartscentre.co.uk.

If not, the letter will only be kept in our and the Watt Institution archives.

Eventually a selection of submissions will be selected for further creative development when safe to do so (please state if this is something you would be interested in).

If you have any problems with submission via online platforms like email, or are struggling to know what to write, please contact us for a helpful chat on 01475 460262 to speak with Kate.

Telephone Club

Beacon Arts Centre has partnered with Pitlochry Festival Theatre's Telephone Club, an open line between us and the community of Inverclyde - to hold us together as a community, keep us connected and to keep each other company!

If you’re missing that all-important personal interaction, have a chat with us in Telephone Club! 

We want audiences to feel connected to the Theatre even though you are unable to visit in person, and Telephone Club will help combat loneliness in the coming months.

If you’re at home and you’d like to talk to somebody, call 01796 484623 or email us below, to register for a call anytime between 12pm and 4pm.

Lockdown Script Surgery

Submissions deadline: Sunday 31 May 

Calling all Playwrights, new writers and theatre makers, at any point in their career, developing plays for the stage and could use a bit of company right now.

This is your chance to get some dramaturgical support on your play or idea, have a virtual cup of tea with Beth Morton while you discuss developments for your play, make a connection with Beacon Arts Centre and, if you’re ready, drive your project and creativity during lockdown!

This Script Surgery submission window will be open until Sunday 31 May and we’d love to hear from you.

We aim to have scripts read and one-to-one’s delivered within 8 weeks of receiving your play.

For more details and guidelines for submissions, please visit our blog.

Words have power, unleash that power!

The Coronavirus Time Capsule

Beacon Arts Centre have teamed up with Company Three to create a Coronavirus Time Capsule: a week by week response the pandemic, through the eyes of teenagers everywhere.

An opportunity for 11-19 year olds to get involved in producing a cumulative time capsule recording teenage experiences during the pandemic. Videos are updated every Friday.

For more information and to get involved, please email kate@beaconartscentre.co.uk

#CoronavirusTimeCapsule on Twitter

Living Room Light Up Challenge

Every week we set a challenge to get creative in the house and keep you entertained during lockdown.

We don’t need words to tell stories. Can you tell us a story with JUST the actors’ facial expressions?
You’re the director, and the rest of your household are the actors. User TikTok to create a series of FROZEN PICTURES that tell a while story.

Upload your response to social media and tag us Beacon Arts Centre (Facebook) and @thebeaconarts (Instagram & Twitter), or email them to kate@beaconartscentre.co.uk

#LivingRoomLightUp #LightingUpLivesinInverclyde #BeaconConnect

2.6 Challenge

Help us raise funds and keep the Beacon alive and kicking by participating in the 2.6 Challenge!

Video yourself doing any challenge involving the numbers 2 and 6 to raise money to support your local arts centre’s survival during this pandemic.

Try attempt something creative like painting your toenails 26 different colours, painting 26 paintings, and selling them with 26% of the profit going to the Beacon, or learning and reciting the 26th Shakespeare sonnet.

Any money raised can be donated directly to the Beacon through our website here.

Watch artists, Ruth Darling and Harri Pitches taking on the 2.6 Challenge for Beacon Arts Centre.

Tag a friend and nominate them to go next!


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